What makes OMN unique?

Getting noticed amidst the vast amounts of information around today calls for individual campaigns and excellent product presentations on all channels. A creative challenge with many participants, interfaces and systems. OMN knows about these special features and therefore supports you optimally in handling your marketing data and in all areas – from data acquisition to content creation to cross-media publishing. With new and innovative AI services, Online Media Net manages to automate many time-consuming and resource-intensive processes and gives your valuable employees the chance to devote themselves to creative tasks. Like no other system on the market, OMN bundles the whole spectrum of omnichannel marketing in one solution and offers you the flexibility you need thanks to its modular structure. Lower your marketing costs, communicate faster and eliminate errors with OMN!

For Marketers

With OMN, you get a marketing tool that optimally understands and supports your needs.


You receive a central, tailor-made solution that is customised to your company and your brand.


Thanks to its modular structure, OMN offers you maximum flexibility and future-proofing.


Your master data and output channels integrate perfectly in OMN thanks to open interfaces.


You digitise all your omnichannel processes and workflows completely as part of a digital transformation.


OMN is a proven system with a short time-to-market, and not just during the implementation phase.


Only the Internet and a browser are needed to use OMN, so you can use it from anywhere.

Immediate ROI

OMN significantly reduces your costs, whether in content creation, distribution or coordination.


More Speed, Security and Flexibility

By using the latest interface technology with HTML5 based on Angular, the OMN is supported by all common browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. The implementation in the new HTML5 web standard also enables the strongest protection of your data to date. Thanks to cloud-based services, you can work with OMN anytime, anywhere.

Self-explaining Design Concept for intuitive Usability

The consistent design concept makes it easier for users to work with the powerful OMN software. The direct insight into InDesign documents or PDFs increased efficiency when working. The improved tools for online content editing, for example, allow correction workflows to be carried out without separate software.

Consistent Editors with
state-of-the-art Tools

The redesigned editors in OMN offer possibilities for determining sections of images and for online editing of images. Documents, online banners and social media snippets can be designed in the Patch+Brief plug-in according to your corporate identity, independent of the agency. Product information can be edited in table mode – editing following the example of Excel – “easy”!

ELASTICSEARCH – faster than they can say “Search”

Elasticsearch is Open Source and the most modern and best search solution on the market. Its high speed, the great versatility of its applications and its precision in use make it the tool of choice for finding anything in OMN at any time.


Always up-to-date

Thanks to agile bi-weekly development sprints, OMN continues to stay at the cutting edge of technology. Unit tests, integration tests and automated E2E tests ensure smooth updates during your daily work.

Leading Open Source Technology

By using the latest open source technology, we are always one step ahead of our competitors. With Elasticsearch you can retrieve all your data with an enormously high speed. The results can then be facetted filtered and opened and edited with just one click. Processes are planned, implemented and controlled with the leading workflow technology Camunda. The modelling of workflows is available for developers as well as designed to be user-friendly for users.

Adaptable to any System

EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) enables flexible and easily extensible system integrations while providing extensive possibilities for importing and exporting various data.

Efficient Marketplace Connection

With the marketplace connection via the OMN-Connector you can place your products directly in all relevant marketplaces. Your product information will be automatically adapted to the specifications or placed according to the marketplace transformed. Thanks to the connection of marketplaces in over 42 countries, you can also quickly expand your internationalization strategy.

Maximum Automation

Screenshot OMN Workflow Management


Increase the organic visibility of your shop through SEO-optimized texts: fast, cost-effective and with high variance, through automated creation of emotional product texts from granular information (attributes) – even in several languages.

AI-supported Image Processing

Automated, AI-supported image processing for each output channel (clipping, optimization etc.) brings extreme speed and highest price advantages.

Automated Content Creation

Automated content creation and editing with artificial intelligence support.

Automated Translation

Automated translation of attributes or texts using deep learning translation tools.

AI-based Image Tagging

AI-based image tagging of your assets within seconds increases the hit rate with precise keywords.