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OMN Accelerator

To ensure that every company benefits from Online Media Net (OMN), we have launched an out-of-the-box variant of OMN: OMN Accelerator. As a preconfigured platform, OMN Accelerator combines all the modules and functions you need for a successful product experience. The big advantage: an immediate and easy start-up, as the required structures are already available and you can therefore get started right away!

OMN is your tool for excellent product data communication. As a central platform, OMN combines your product data, supports you in enriching it, and automatically plays out the refined product information in your various channels. In order for you to benefit fully from OMN, two crucial preliminary steps are required: Classification of product data and creation of catalog structures. Both steps are essential and should not be underestimated, even if you know your product offering very well. If you have to do this from scratch, the process can be very time-consuming. To save you this complex preliminary work, we have developed OMN Accelerator.
OMN Accelerator is your out-of-the-box solution for the immediate marketing of your products. The solution not only includes the technical equipment such as PIM, DAM, channel and workflow management, OMN Accelerator also provides the required structures: predefined classifications to directly classify your products or services including product families, attributes and attribute groups and catalog structures to define rules for storing and displaying your product information. The predefined structures are flexible so that you can adapt them at any time if necessary. The only important thing is that you can start directly with OMN Accelerator and achieve an immediate ROI!


Then the best way to convince yourself is to see our OMN Accelerator live. Because nothing is more meaningful than software in operation. Of course, without obligation and free of charge.

What are classifications?

Every product has attributes. Attributes are nothing more than characteristics that distinguish a product and set it apart from other products. Typical product attributes are the name, product ID, size, color or weight of a product. In the case of services, for example, the duration offered. If a company offers thousands of products, the products can have different, unique characteristics and the list of attributes quickly becomes unmanageable. But even the benefits of the same product can differ depending on the user.

To remedy this, classification is used. Classifications help to structure product attributes. In this way, the characteristics of a product are sorted into higher-level groups. The advantage lies in the simple management of the attributes, as they can be quickly found and changed, but also removed or added, with the help of classifications. When attributes are stored, on the other hand, you benefit from relevance, as only attributes that come into question are recorded. But classifications are also advantageous for customers. For example, when customers sort in an online store, only the relevant attributes are listed. Last but not least, classification is an important prerequisite for smooth electronic communication, both with business partners and with systems.

Your benefits

prefabricated set-up, because you have no time to waste

Start per Click

Directly after the installation you have an immediately available and transparently defined range of functions, whether in the cloud, the apollon data center or in your data center.

Enrich immediately

Depending on the industry, the required structures are already available in the PIM and DAM, so you can get started directly with enriching your product data instead of configuring the systems first.

Sell immediately

Thanks to ready-made catalog structures, you have various channels to sell your products. Take advantage of the opportunities offered and expand your business.

Sell where you want

Your distribution channels with OMN Accelerator
Online Shop
Social Media
Website (CMS)

Everything you need is available!

Modules in OMN Accelerator

This is what the OMN Accelerator looks like

Using the example of fashion

Use Cases

No matter which use case, OMN Accelerator meets all requirements

Online Shop

You have an online store? Then you have you surely have some product information as well. How about maintaining your product information only in one central place in the future? And wouldn't it be excellent if changes to the product were immediately visible in the online store? Without any manual intermediate steps, completely automated? With OMN Accelerator, that's no longer a problem!


You offer your customers an appealingly prepared catalog? But during the creation you have many rounds of coordination? Why not design your catalog yourself in the future! Simply build the basic framework of the catalog in OMN Accelerator and have the product information and image materials delivered automatically! By eliminating manual steps, you gain time and also save costs as well as resources!


Are you in the middle of digital transformation? But have you, in addition to new technologies, have you also thought about your customer journey? Does the digital twin products a digital twin? With OMN Accelerator you do! OMN Accelerator creates your digital product twin and enable you to place it in different digital markets!

Artificial intelligence

Want to benefit from Artificial Intelligence (AI)? OMN Accelerator enables you to do so in all steps of content creation. Classify your articles automatically with OMN Accelerator, have images automatically recognized and keyworded or produce texts using text robots. Thanks to AI-based services in OMN Accelerator, you too can benefit from new, intelligent technologies!

Frequently asked questions

OMN is the enterprise version and is suitable for large companies and corporations that need to map a use case specifically tailored to them within PIM and DAM systems. This also includes various processes within the Worfklow module. The OMN Accelerator, on the other hand, is an out-of-the-box variant of OMN, specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises. The goal is to be able to benefit immediately from a PIM system with a cost-effective solution, without prior system configurations. In addition, it is crucial that OMN Accelerator combines fast and easy installation with low-maintenance operation.

A preconfigured set-up is currently available for the following sectors: Fashion and apparel, household goods, food, medicine, sports and industry.

The OMN Accelerator is already available as standard for many industries. This means that the solution can be installed directly with industry-specific data models and used immediately. Thanks to the standard, the costs for project implementation are significantly reduced compared to a classic OMN installation. Details on the acquisition costs are available on request.

Surely, your company also has a lot of different software solutions – e.g. ERP system, CRM system, store system and others. And each system has its own peculiarities (its own databases, file formats, etc.). So all systems can talk to each other, as well as our OMN Accelerator, we use the EAI system (Enterprise Application Integration). EAI enables flexible and easily expandable system integrations while providing comprehensive options for importing or exporting various data. For example, our OMN Accelerator uses EAI to import product master data from upstream systems such as an ERP and to export product data including image links to the various channels (online store, marketplaces, catalogs, etc.).

In order to be able to exchange your data between the different systems, the data must be exported from one application and imported into the other. OMN Accelerator supports XML and CSV as export formats for this purpose and uses web service or FTP for data transport.

OMN Accelerator can be operated in the cloud, in apollon’s data center or on-premise at the customer’s site.

OMN Accelerator can play the following marketplaces: Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, Otto, Rakuten, Real and Zalando.

OMN Accelerator is ready for immediate use thanks to its pre-configuration and high usability. However, should there be a need for support services, we will be happy to help at any time.

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Then the best way to convince yourself is to see our OMN Accelerator live. Because nothing is more meaningful than software in operation. Of course, without obligation and free of charge.