7th Online Media net Innovation Day

Presentations for download

Here you can download the presentations of the individual lectures on the 7th OMN Innovation Day.

We thank our speakers for their captivating lectures. These were received positively not only by us, but also by our visitors.

Dr. Sven J. Koerner, thingsTHINKING

»The First Rule of AI – The Easy Problems Are Hard, Hard Problems Are Easy«

Nico vom Hagen, Fahrrad-XXL.de

»Challenges of an ERP and Parallel PIM Implementation – Onboarding 1000 Suppliers!«

Oliver Kaehlert, e-velopment

»Challenge: Be Better Than the Customer Expects«

Thomas Bacani, Across Systems

»PIMp my processes – Translation Management of Multilingual Content«

Johannes Betz, GMG

»Consistent Color Appearance – Colours that are Sure to Match in Today’s Workflow«

Johannes Haas & Xuetao Li, apollon

»No Data Flow, No Flow of Goods. Why you Need Both ERP and PIM«