Please disrupt! Digitisation and AI – Accelerating Automation in Theory and Practice.

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„Please disrupt! Digitisation and AI – Accelerating Automation in Theory and Practice“. Under this maxim was the 7th Online Media Net Innovation Day (OMN Innovation Day) in Karlsruhe. On May 23, 2019, around 250 guests gathered in the fascinating ZKM (Center for Art and Media) to experience and discuss the automation accelerators “Digitisation and AI”.

On the agenda of the exclusive omnichannel marketing event were:

  • Gripping talks and unique insights into strategies, challenges and trends in marketing automation and omnichannel-business
  • Expertise on the accelerators of automation “Digitalisation” and “Artificial intelligence (AI)”
  • Talkes by outstanding personalities, including  Dr. Sven J. Körner (one of the top 18 KI experts worldwide) and Prof. Dr. Klemens Skibicki (better known as „PROFSKI“)
  • Experience reports and special insights into marketing strategies of the Swedish furniture group IKEA, successful bike retailer and  young fashion retailer ORSAY
  • News from the „OMN Lab“ and the OMN Roadmap

Thanks to Jan Doering, who has led the moderation as always sovereign, as well as all guests, speakers and journalists. It was a great day. Until the next OMN Innovation Day – we look forward to seeing you!


Thank you for enriching our 7th OMN Innovation Day. We hope that you liked it. Since your opinion is very important to us, we would be very happy if you take the time and answer our questions.
Thank you in advance and until the next OMN Innovation Day.


Presentations For Download

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PROGRAMM - 05/23/2019


Coffee Injection

Kickoff with snacks and coffee



Welcome and Introduction to the Event

Jan Doering and Norbert Weckerle


Dr. Sven J. Koerner


»The First Rule of AI - The Easy Problems Are Hard, Hard Problems Are Easy«


Nico vom Hagen GmbH & Co. KG

»Challenges of an ERP and Parallel PIM Implementation – Onboarding 1000 Suppliers!«


Coffee Injection


Niklas Schultes

ORSAY GmbH, PIM-Consult GmbH

»ORSAY - Julia’s fashion connection. Digitisation and Customer-Centricity in Fast Vertical Fashion Retail.«


Adam Wretstroem & Robert Winstanley

IKEA Communications AB

»Content at IKEA - IKEA Media Content Centre«


Oliver Kaehlert

e-velopment GmbH

»Challenge: Be Better Than the Customer Expects«




Thomas Bacani

Across Systems GmbH

»PIMp my processes – Translation Management of Multilingual Content«


Johannes Betz

GMG GmbH & Co. KG

»Consistent Color Appearance – Colours that are Sure to Match in Today's Workflow«


Johannes Haas & Xuetao Li

apollon GmbH+Co. KG

»No Data Flow, No Flow of Goods. Why you Need Both ERP and PIM.«


Energy Boost


Oliver Baum & Michael Deisler

apollon GmbH+Co. KG

»Automated Creation of Product Information through AI«


Tobias Marks

apollon GmbH+Co. KG

»OMN 5: More Intuitive – Faster – Better!«


Prof. Dr. Klemens Skibicki


»Management of the Digital Future is First and Foremost a Matter of the Mind!«


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Impressions 2019

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Tobias Schwoy, KLS Martin

Nico vom Hagen,

Friederike Paschke, WAS Germany

Niklas Schultes, ORSAY/PIM-Consult


ZKM | Centre for Art and Media
Lorenzstraße 19
76135 Karlsruhe (Germany)

ZKM Underground Car Park Südendstraße 44 76135 Karlsruhe Germany

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News & Press Releases


Visitor attendance record for the 7th Online Media Net Innovation Day 2019

On the 23rd of May 2019, the annual OMN Innovation Day took place for the seventh time in the Centre for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe. Globally recognised digital experts, marketing and IT managers from the companies Fahrrad XXL, IKEA, and ORSAY as well as technology partners of apollon GmbH+Co. KG talked about the automation accelerator “Digitisation and AI” at the exclusive marketing event for omnichannel commerce…


7th OMN Innovation Day in the PFORZHEIMER ZEITUNG

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not magic. At least not for Sven Koerner, founder of the thingsTHINKING company in Karlsruhe. His mission: to disenchant the topic. Wonder weapon, job killer or catalyst – there are many myths circulating. But what the keynote speech at the Online Media Net Innovation Day – organized by the Pforzheim-based company apollon – will do on Thursday at the ZKM is just the opposite: it charms the audience…


7th Online Media Net Innovation Day in the BNN

Julia is 34, but feels 28 and wears size 38 dress. Julia is married, working, has a child, is fashion conscious – and she is an invention of the fashion chain Orsay. With this profile, Orsay wants to portray his ideal customer in Germany, with whom many of his clients can identify. From their own Facebook profile to the virtual touchpoint spot in the stationary trade, customers can meet their imaginary mirror image Julia. Niklas Schultes, Marketing Director
at Orsay Germany, tells …


Podcast: Artificial Intelligence in Image Data Recognition

Thanks to AI, it will be possible in the future to automatically tag large amounts of images and give employees more room for creative tasks. Learn from Tobias Marks, Director Sales, why apollon has taken up this topic.

Here you can listen directly. We hope you have fun.

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