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Direct access to assets in OMN DAM

OMN CI HUB-Connector

You are creating a presentation and would like to insert a suitable image? Normally you would have to log into OMN DAM and download the required image there. But this is no longer necessary, because we have implemented a connector especially for CI HUB – the OMN CI HUB-Connector! This allows you to directly access needed assets without leaving the respective application!

OMN DAM is the digital asset management system within the Online Media Net suite. The DAM system helps you keep track of all your digital assets. It doesn’t matter which asset you manage, because you can store any creative content in OMN DAM: Images, photos, graphics, charts, video or audio files, text modules but also entire documents (InDesign, PDF, Word, PowerPoint etc.). The highlight: media-neutral data storage.
Since you store a single, media-neutral source document in OMN DAM, you can use assets flexibly and as you wish in other systems and output channels. You determine the validity of the assets yourself and have full control at all times that only current and approved media are in circulation. No matter how large your team is and where your team members (colleagues, partners, service providers) are located.
To enable you to use your assets seamlessly in other applications, we have developed the OMN CI HUB Connector. The OMN CI HUB-Connector allows you to import content from OMN DAM directly into Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud or Google Workspace documents. Whether it’s Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, InCopy or Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. With the OMN CI HUB Connector, you don’t have to leave the current program, but can search for the required asset intelligently directly in it and then drag and drop it to the desired location in the document.
OMN DAM in combination with the OMN CI HUB-Connector is the perfect tool for any modern organization to effectively find and efficiently use content.

OMN CI HUB-Connector

Your advantages at a glance

Save time

Find the creative content you need in the application at hand and incorporate it directly, without any detours!


Don't worry about whether the assets are up-to-date and CI-compliant, because only approved materials reside in OMN DAM!

Proper format

Since media-neutral assets are stored in OMN DAM, you always have the right format at hand when importing and don't have to convert anything!

ScreenShot using Photoshop as an example

Connect, Find, Benefit

Connector for Microsoft, Adobe & Google Workspace

Programs in which you can use the OMN CI HUb-connector
Icon PowerPoint
Icon Excel
Icon Outlook Web
Docs, Sheet, Slide
Icon InDesign
Icon Photoshop
Icon Illustrator
Icon Premiere Pro
Premiere Pro
Icon InCopy
Icon After-Effects
After Effects


What you need to benefit from the OMN CI HUB connector

To use CI HUB for OMN, you need access to OMN DAM (a login/user account), our new OMN CI HUB-Connector, and the appropriate CI HUB plug-in licenses (Microsoft 365 and/or Adobe Creative Cloud).

Do you not have an OMN CI HUB-Connector yet? Then contact us!

If you already have the CI HUB PlugIn licenses, you can use them directly in combination with the OMN CI HUB Connector.

More information about the CI HUB PlugIn license prices can be found here:

Perfect Teamwork

Modules in interaction with OMN DAM


Then the best thing to do is to see our OMN CI HUB-Connector live for yourself. Because nothing is more informative than software in operation.
Of course, without obligation and free of charge.

Knowledge to Go

What is digital asset management?
Also called media management

Marketing without multimedia content? That’s like products without pictures in an online store. Unthinkable. That’s why careful management of these crucial assets is essential. But many know the problem: existing data jungle and at the same time an increasing amount of new digital assets. How is one supposed to keep track here and use the potential of the creative assets already created or even update them? Digital Asset Management, or DAM for short, provides the remedy. In the following, you will learn how this works.


Then the best thing to do is to see our OMN CI HUB-Connector for yourself live. Because nothing is more informative than software in operation.
Of course, without obligation and free of charge.