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Online Media Net has plug-ins and extensions that are designed for utterly specific tasks and which complement the overall solution. So that you receive an individual omnichannel marketing solution that is customised to your needs.

Aperture Tool

The Aperture Tool lets you define display details directly from within the DAM system. These are initially stored non-destructively as a kind of overlay, which saves memory space. Only when distributing out the display details, for example, to the online shop, are the details calculated as "real" image files and supplied separately. Thus colour samples or item details for e-commerce and print can be displayed quickly and easily. In addition, the display details can also be made available to other users and even colleagues without OMN access via a mass data download (as a download link).


Patch+Brief is your whiteboarding solution. It allows you to prepare catalogue pages or other documents directly in the OMN interface. Thus, page layout as well as briefing of copywriters, photographers and graphic designers can be digitised and carried out directly in the system. In combination with our Workflow Management system, this means clearly defined and transparent production processes can be depicted. As a result, briefing reports can be downloaded locally as a PDF or directly forwarded and shared online in the annotation tool. At the highest configuration level, the layout briefing can be used directly as the basis for automated transfer in InDesign. The layout document based on Patch+Brief is thus delivered to the graphic artists with a very high degree of finalisation already. They can then add the final creative touches on the page, if necessary.

Annotation Tool

The Annotation Tool allows you to place digital comments or annotations directly on your media assets (image data and documents). Via interfaces, your corrections can then be carried over into the layout program. And thanks to a process-supported correction procedure, you have a special perspective on the content correction procedure at all times.


The "Flatplan" function gives you a graphical page overview of the current production status of your advertising media. So you can always get a visual overview of the progress of your graphic production processes.

Online Mask Workflow

The Online Mask Workflow allows you to commission masked images directly from OMN.Your user can choose between different masks and crops and commission these directly. After a short time, the masked image is returned to the system and the original image saved as a previous version and backup.

Retouching Workflow

The Retouching Workflow can be used to commission the optimisation of images directly from Online Media Net. Here, the user can choose, for example, between a fully automatic improvement of the overall picture, an optimisation of the skin tones, or removal of "image noise". Further areas of adjustment are saturation, brightness and sharpness. After delivery of the optimised image, the original file is saved as a version.

xReach Integration

With the xReach Integration, you benefit from transparent and clear processes in product development, support and marketing, because all individual steps can be reproduced using clear structures.

Integration of CMIS Server 3.0

Thanks to the integration of CMIS Server 3.0, you get an open, vendor-independent standard for integrating third-party systems. This allows you to use your assets directly in third-party products such as Adobe Bridge or Adobe Experience Manager (CMS) by means of automated synchronisation.

Ad-hoc Workflow

The Ad-hoc Workflow makes it easy and fast to assign simple and routinely occurring tasks to any other OMN user without having to individually define and implement this process in advance. The recipient of the task can ask questions or mark the task as done. All workflows are tracked and logged transparently. Examples are tasks for maintaining item data, checking assets or approving documents.

Image Tagger and Linker

This feature can be used to link assets (such as product images, secondary images or documents) to products and items, tag them, or move them into defined target directories fully automatically using regular expressions (i.e., using file names or integrated XMP/IPTC metadata). This saves a lot of time compared to manual editing and linking.


With DigiFlow, you integrate your image production into Online Media Net right from the start. You benefit from significant time savings because production processes can run in parallel.Plus, with DigiFlow's built-in image selection tool, you have complete control over your photo production – anytime, anywhere via your web browser. Automated finishing processes integrate DigiFlow seamlessly into OMN.

Interface Connector DTP Client

The connector allows you to carry out server/desktop-based publishing distribution. For example, you can place products on advertising media pages in Indesign/Quark using a plug-in at desktop workstations for layout. Alternatively, it is possible to generate server-based Indesign/QuarkXPress documents via appropriate third-party software.

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