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Product Information Management

If your customers expect to receive accurate, complete and high-quality product information from you across all channels, then you should take a closer look at our PIM system.

Product Information Management (PIM) in Online Media Net is your tool for the central creation, maintenance, management and enrichment of your product information – for all output channels! All product-related content, including illustrations, videos, audio files, layout documents or translation texts, are stored in a media-neutral manner and prepared for output across the various marketing channels. This way, you implement your marketing measures easily, quickly and cost-effectively. Interfaces to your ERP and merchandise management system enable the import of all previously

available data in a wide variety of formats. The product data is transferred directly to the PIM and enriched with further information and additional assets (images, logos, etc.). The cyclical, bi-directional exchange of product information between PIM and merchandise management system ensures up-to-date data without manual effort. Depending on requirements, the product information can be fed conveniently and automatically directly from the PIM to the various output channels – print, online, mobile or stationary.

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Your benefits with OMN PIM


Your product information is complete and, in terms of advertising, perfectly tailored for your end-user (product master data, media assets and advertising content).

Maximum Efficiency

Thanks to a centralised, networked platform, you have fewer costs and require less process time when creating and distributing product information.

Excellent Product Experience

Your product information is of a consistent, brand-appropriate quality across all distribution channels, both locally and internationally.

Faster Time-to-Market

Launches and product upgrades can be implemented and communicated across all channels at any time, in the blink of an eye.

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Product data and more

Metadata, images and advertising texts intelligently linked in OMN PIM

OMN PIM doesn’t just stand out for its high usability. OMN PIM can also manage more than other PIM solutions. In addition to the intelligent linking of product master data (item numbers, prices, technical dimensions, etc.) with product-relevant media assets (e.g., images, graphics, etc.) and marketing-relevant product information or advertising texts, OMN PIM can also establish relations between the products. This is particularly advantageous for cross-selling, to provide additional accessories, follow-up items or spare parts, for example, and to expand sales.

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