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Media-neutral data management with support for all data formats

Media Asset Management

If you create good content (images, documents, etc.) but cannot develop it to the fullest, because your content is difficult for others to find or not available when needed, then you should check out our MAM system more closely. Especially as the number and complexity of media assets increases.

With Online Media Net’s Media Asset Management (MAM), you can manage your media data easily and efficiently, exchange it, and easily integrate it into workflows – browser-based over the Internet. Your employees, service providers and partners can access all multimedia content worldwide and around the clock. You benefit from automated processes, shorter coordination processes and search times, assured media quality and absolute clarity. All media can be stored in the MAM system in a media-neutral way and fed into every output channel.

You will locate images and documents quickly and easily thanks to the extensive possibilities when it comes to categorisation and keywords. Determining the display detail, version control and variant handling simplify the maintenance and management of your media data. In addition, Online Media Net focuses on production and correction processes involved in the creation of your media data – these can be efficiently depicted with innovative add-on modules within the system.

A well thought out image database

Your benefits with OMN MAM

Content is King

Our MAM system is specifically designed for the efficient provision of media assets. Put a stop to workarounds and manage your valuable content the way it should be managed.

Find Instead of Search

Your valuable content is stored centrally and is intelligently indexed with key words and structured for maximum discoverability. Maximum development guaranteed!

Goodbye Duplicates

OMN MAM eliminates internal and external costs for channel-specific preparation, since your data is stored as a source file and output as needed.

No Special Software Required

You can optimise your media asset during import, view layout documents or determine the format during export. Directly in OMN MAM, without the need for image processing solutions.

Clear Rights Management

You always provide your employees, partners or service providers with specific content in a proper fashion and are informed about changes to licensing agreements.

Quality not Quantity

With OMN MAM, you can rely on quality-assured use and distribution of your media assets. Set-ups, edits or controls are passé.

A one-stop shop for media

Your digital and multimedia content in OMN MAM
3D Model

One for all

Third-party systems that OMN MAM can supply

OMN MAM like all modules in the Online Media Net Suite is web-based and does not need to be installed on users’ computers. Thanks to open interfaces, OMN MAM can not only serve PIM and Web-to-Print, but also editorial systems, websites or content management systems (CMS), marketplaces, online shops, translation management systems (TMS) and ERP and logistics systems.

Perfect teamwork

Interacting modules


Automatic keywording thanks to AI
tobias marks und gast

Podcast: Artificial Intelligence in Image Data Recognition

Thanks to AI, it will be possible in the future to automatically tag large amounts of images and give employees more room for creative tasks. Learn from Tobias Marks, Director Sales, why apollon has taken up this topic.

Here you can listen directly. We hope you have fun.


Then best to let yourself be convinced live by our Media Asset Management tool, or MAM for short. Because nothing says more than software in operation. Naturally, with no obligation and free of charge.