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Artificial intelligence (AI) opens up completely new possibilities for companies in every industry. Therefore Online Media Net offers various AI-based services to significantly increase the degree of automation, so that companies can focus even more on value-adding activities.


AI-Mask is your solution to automatically crop images. This enables you to free motifs from disturbing backgrounds. Simply by mouse click and without manual work steps. The result is not only available in fractions of a second, where a graphic artist would not be able to keep up in time, but also in a very high quality. Since the AI recognizes the object as a whole, even difficult tasks such as hair cropping can be performed with the best results. Cropping thousands of images in a very short time, very flexible and above all inexpensive. AI-Mask supports you, because we offer you several clipping and masking services under AI-Mask, specially optimized for your requirements and products. Please contact us!


With AI-Translate, you can have product information translated automatically - in real time! Where translators used to be commissioned, today it only takes one click and, thanks to artificial intelligence, the translation is available to you in seconds in the respective target language. AI-Translate includes several services and is directly integrated into OMN: It supports four standard translation engines from Google, Microsoft, Deepl and Systran. We are happy to advise you and, if desired, we can also integrate existing translation memory systems into your new, future-oriented process. Faster, better quality and more cost-efficient with AI-Translate towards globalization!


Leave the creation of your texts to AI-Text. The NLG application (Natural Language Generation) creates emotional product texts from granular product information (attribute values) quickly, cost-effectively and with high variance - fully automated via text robots. The text robots deliver in seconds machine-generated, search engine optimized (SEO optimization) product descriptions for a variety of your products from the PIM system. This not only supports you in terms of visibility and search engine ranking, it also increases your reach! Here, too, several services are available to you - we will be happy to support you!


AI-Image automates your manual image processing and can automate various retouching steps using freely definable workflows. You can crop images at the touch of a button, perform skin retouching such as tattoo removal automatically, position images on tiles, swap backgrounds and even create an intelligently combined image from two images! We define the workflow for the AI with you, once you press the start button in OMN and simply starts the process! The processed image is then ready for approval in the shortest possible time. Of course, you can adjust the result manually at any time, if necessary.


Are you tired of manually keywording images in the DAM system? Then the AI-Tagger is your solution. Enrich your content efficiently by automatically analyzing and recognizing image content after the upload and automatically assigning the appropriate keywords (labels). The recognition of text on images by means of OCR is also possible. Since image tagging with AI takes place in seconds, the keywords are not only immediately available, but the hit rate of the stored assets is also significantly increased thanks to precise keyword labels. With OMN, you have more than a dozen tagging services at your disposal - we will be happy to advise you on which services are best suited to your needs.


Do you want to automate your layout creation to the maximum? But without sacrificing individualization? Then AI-Layout is your solution! With AI-Layout, you can create extensive, product-based advertising material in no time at all - from catalogs for selling off stock to mailings for shopping cart dropouts. The highlight: You don't need templates, because AI makes the layout based on customer-specific weightings! For this purpose, the AI automatically selects the layout that best suits your customer from several million already generated layouts. The result: An even more target-oriented product experience, taking into account customer-specific preferences. Your print communication will be more sustainable and effective than ever with AI layout.


Do you have many pictures of people? Then simply leave the administration of these to AI-Face. The AI-based service scans assets for faces and people, groups recognized, visually similar faces and assigns them fully automatically to the corresponding person within the OMN people database. This allows you to quickly and easily view photos of a specific person. If face recognition or assignment to a person is not possible, AI-Face tries to make suggestions about who it might be, so that these can be confirmed manually. And thanks to deep learning, manual confirmations help AI-Face to train itself.


Do you want your articles to be classified automatically instead of manually? Then simply leave the classification of your products and product groups to the AI-Categorizer. All you have to do is a manual training in advance so that the AI-Categorizer knows what to do and can take over the automated classification of your articles from now on. Save time and money and gain a better overview thanks to the unique identification of your goods.


AI can learn everything - even your company-specific requirements. If you have specific topics, for example "image rolls" in image recognition, AI training is exactly your solution. Thanks to individual training, you can teach AI exactly the custom models that are needed for your business. AI-Training is your custom-made AI! To ensure that your sensitive and sensitive data is safely stored, we provide you with your individual AI in the cloud (AWS/Azure/Alibaba) or in your private cloud. Individual AI with maximum security with AI training!

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