Data Processing

With OMN, you produce your content in the blink of an eye – regardless of the complexity, language or form.  At the same time, OMN shows you all your marketing measures, advertising materials and projects at a glance, including real-time status indicators. Workflows regulate all your process steps, both with internal employees and with external service providers. Whether in your own team, with photographers, translators, agencies or printing houses. With OMN, this overarching collaboration is not only made completely digital, but even corrections and annotations can be executed directly in the system without any discontinuity of media and absolutely digital.

Our solutions

For producing content and for the workflows necessary for this within the collaboration.

OMN Plug-Ins​

Annotation Tool

For digital annotations directly on media assets such as image data and documents.


Graphical, visual overview of the current production status of your advertising media.


Whiteboarding function, for preparing catalogue pages or other documents directly within the OMN interface.

Image Tagger and Linker

Fully automatic linking of assets (such as product images, secondary images or documents) to products and articles.

Aperture Tool

For defining image sections directly from the Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.


Integration of image production in Online Media Net (OMN) so that all those involved have instant access to all photos.

Translation Management

For efficient organisation and administration of translation processes with integrable translation memory.

Online Mask Workflow

Assignment of masked images directly from OMN with masking and clipping path selection.

Ad-hoc Workflow

Independent creation of workflows without having to define and implement processes in advance.

Retouching Workflow

Function for commissioning optimisation of images directly from Online Media Net (OMN).