Data acquisition

As a central hub, OMN combines all your data in one source. By doing so, OMN carries over all necessary master data from ERP or merchandise management systems, and also manufacturer and supplier texts, for subsequent preparation of your product information. Media assets such as images, graphics, videos and audio are also centrally available, whether for direct use or to supplement the products or marketing materials in question. Determination of copyright and format conversions during data export assure you that the assets are being used properly at all times.

Our solutions

For maintaining, retaining, onboarding, preparing and exporting data.

OMN Plug-Ins

xReach Integration

Transparent and clear processes in product development, support and marketing.

CMIS Server 3.0

Open and vendor-independent standard for integrating third-party systems.

Image Tagger and Linker

Fully automatic linking of assets (such as product images, secondary images or documents) to products and articles.