Online Media Net (OMN)
Your marketing software for perfect omnichannel marketing
Online Media Net, helps you reach your customers and prospects effectively across all information and distribution channels – at the right time, in the right place, and with the right content.
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Podcast: AI in Image Data Recognition
Thanks to AI, it will be possible in the future to automatically tag large amounts of images and give employees more room for creative tasks. Learn from Tobias Marks, Director Sales, why apollon has taken up this topic. Here you can listen directly. We hope you have fun.
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AI in DAM systems
Everything on the topic of image recognition software and AI-driven keywording in our DAM white paper
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Analyses of PIM and DAM
Top spot in the Market Performance Wheel (MPW)
Software solution from apollon takes the very top spot in the field of DAM and PIM.

ONLINE Media Net (OMN)

At the right time, in the right place and with the right content. So that this works perfectly, Online Media Net has a modular structure and offers you the right system for every task. Omnichannel marketing as it should be with OMN.

Depending on your requirements, the OMN modules can be used holistically, integrated or individually. You decide what you need and you can seamlessly supplement other modules at any time, because all systems harmonise perfectly with one another.

Areas of application for OMN

Data Acquisition

As a central hub, OMN combines all your data in one source.
By doing so, OMN carries over all necessary master data from ERP or merchandise management systems, and also manufacturer and supplier texts, for subsequent preparation of your product information. Media assets such as images, graphics, videos and audio are also centrally available, whether for direct use or to supplement the products or marketing materials in question. Determination of copyright and format conversions during data export assure you that the assets are being used properly at all times.


Data Processing

With OMN, you produce your content in the blink of an eye – regardless of the complexity, language or form. OMN shows you all your marketing measures, advertising materials and projects at a glance, including real-time status indicators. Workflows regulate your process steps, both with internal employees and with external service providers. Whether in your own team, with photographers, translators, agencies or printing houses. With OMN, this overarching collaboration is not only made completely digital, but even corrections and annotations can be executed directly in the system – without any discontinuity of media and absolutely digital.


Data Distribution

In OMN, you can easily schedule and automate the routing of your content or product information across the various output channels. Since OMN already takes into account all special features in the upstream processes and has seamless interfaces to online shops, e-commerce platforms, print materials, mobile applications and point of sales, nothing stands in the way of your brand and products enjoying an excellent, consistent appearance.


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Online Media Net Innovation Day

Once a year, we organise an exclusive event for our customers and interested parties so we can present innovations. This includes both product renewals and new technologies in the field of omnichannel marketing.Read more about previous OMN Days here, or sign up for the upcoming event today.

Tobias Marks

Your contact person

We know very well that introducing an omnichannel marketing system is not only a matter of the technical implementation. This is why we offer you professional, expert advice, tailor-made to your needs, before a project starts. We develop specific solutions together with you in five project steps. Whether based on an already existing specification sheet or on the basis of requirements workshops that we carry out with you. As a result, you receive detailed, analysed processes including identified areas of potential as well as deficits. Because our goal is for you to get satisfactory results and enjoy using our OMN.