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Project Management (PM)

Plan and control your marketing operations for all distribution channels centrally, clearly and completely system-based by using Project Management in Online Media Net. The optimized project coordination will relieve your employees. Business processes on file in Workflow Management assign tasks and initialize technical production workflows. In this way communication processes can be optimized and production can be tightened. An overview shows you the current status of all measures – guaranteeing transparency at every moment.



  • Central overview of all marketing operations, advertising material and projects
  • The status of each individual step of the process will be shown in real time, resulting in higher transparency
  • Efficient communication between all people involved in the process
  • Tasks for all people involved in the project will be automatically generated in Workflow Management
  • Optimal use of resources
  • Escalation management
  • Running and completed marketing operations will be statistically evaluated
  • Automatic layout output in accordance with InDesign/QuarkXPress
  • Online page editing with Online Briefing and Graphic Planning