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Translation Management (TM)

Organise and manage translation processes with the aid of Translation Management in Online Media Net with maximum efficiency. Time-critical translations can be accurately checked and all texts by external or internal translators can be directly edited online.

The integrable translation memory automatically guarantees a consistent translation style. Consistently reusing existing translations shortens the coordination effort and significantly reduces the projects costs. As a learning system, the translation memory grows with every new translation. Furthermore, the terminological dictionary ensures consistent transfer of standard terms


  • Organize translation processes with maximum efficiency
  • Reduce project costs and standardize translation styles automatically
  • Integrable terminological dictionary for consistent terminology
  • Translation can be product or page-orientated


Integrate your image production from the beginning with OnlineDigiFlow in Online Media Net. Profit from clear time saving as production processes can run parallel to one another.

Furthermore, with the integrated image selection tool, you have full control over your photo production – worldwide and anytime time using your web browser. OnlineDigiFlow integrates automated further processing into Online Media Net's system topography.


  • Use in studio and on location photography
  • Quick and comfortable data transfer using drag and drop
  • Immediate access for all involved to all photos over the worldwide internet portal OnlineDigiflow, available through your browser
  • Virtual light table to view and select images, allocates priorities, status indicator of pictures, different zoom varieties

Online Briefing

The Online Briefing in Online Media Net is already in place at the beginning of the production process and offers your sales team an efficient, easy-to-use possibility to equip your catalogue pages with products. (Finished page without article look)


  • Efficient, visual and paper-free workflow when creating pages
  • Direct layout implementation in Adobe®InDesign® or QuarkXPress®

Graphic Planning

Graphic Planning simplifies allocation of articles to pages and automatically generates layout documents. Thus, completed laid out articles can be placed on a graphic interface and pages can be built.


  • Efficient workflow for article placement in pages
  • Direct layout implementation in Adobe®InDesign® or QuarkXPress®

Annotation Tool

Process-based correction procedure with particular perspective on the contextual correction procedure (without colour-proof display).


  • 100% transparency for all correction steps/li>
  • Easy integration of any number of people connected with the correction process
  • Adaptable to all assets within OMN
  • Accessible at any time as it is web-based
  • Affordable - features only for contextual correction and construction


For the colour-proof display of pages to print, including correction workflows and documentation. Saves costs and time-consuming hard copies.


  • Absolute colour-proof display in comparison to print result
  • Easy integration of any number of people connected with the correction process
  • Accessible at any time as it is web-based (requires calibrated and certified software)