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Brand Management (BM)

Ensure consistent market presence that corresponds to your corporate design with Brand Management in Online Media Net. Make editable templates available for your dealers, affiliates or branches centrally and online. Adobe®InDesign® or QuarkXPress® templates can be adapted by authorised persons online via standard browser – in accordance with fixed criteria compliance with your design guidelines. With the help of the integrated personalized database, all advertising material is automatically individualized. Whether a uniform advertising campaign, localized supplements, branch specific publicity campaigns or dealer imprint management: Increase the speed of implementing the campaign through automatized processes completely without media disruptions; for a guaranteed consistent market presence anytime.



  • Consistent adherence to company-specific corporate designs
  • Targets all desired quality standards
  • Controlled creation of individual advertising media (e.g. dealer or branch-specific)
  • Intuitive handling by using WYSIWYG editor
  • Automatic personalisation possible
  • No further design costs after template creation